Fabric & Accessory Sourcing

Fabric sourcing plays a core role in apparel development while accessory sourcing results in helping your clothing design more stand out from others.

Why you need a garment factory who offers fabric and accessory sourcing services?

1. Respect of cooperate

Material sourcing is no doubt a difficult task. It is a very dynamic process, according to your idea of fabric texture, feel, color, weight in your mind and also your design. Sometimes it takes serval days or even serval weeks to source the material. 

2. Bring your idea to real life

Working with us, we help you make all your ideas a reality. No matter if it’s a common fabric on the market or fabric that needs to be customized, we do our best to work out for you.

3. Experienced veteran

Only the veteran in the clothing industry has a keen eye for fabrics and accessories. They know what kind of material matches your design the best.

4. Supply chain advantages

If your clothing supplier offers sourcing service normally means that they are located in the garment industry belt. Only those clothing suppliers located in the apparel industry zone are willing to source fabric and trims for you. Because sourcing is time-consuming and complicated work. And when your supplier is in the industry belt it also means that he is in a place with a complete supply chain which will greatly reduce their costs and thus give you the best price.

Fabric In Our Market

China is the country with the best and most developed apparel industry chain. I can say that in our local market we can find and make nearly all types of fabrics in the world.

Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting, the process of inter-looping of yarns or inter-meshing of loops. It is much like if we were to knit traditionally with knitting needles and a ball of yarn.
This makes knitted fabric well stretchy. It is usually used for casual wearing, such as t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, jogger pants, shorts and etc.
There are many different types of knitted fabric used for various kinds of clothing. Such as single jersey, ribbing, french terry, fleece, eyelet fabric and so on.

Woven Fabric

Woven fabrics are often created on a loom, and made of many threads woven on a warp and a weft. Normally woven fabrics are without any stretchy unless some spandex was added while weaving.
There are three types of woven fabric: plain weave, satin weave, and twill weave. The chiffon, crepe, denim, linen, satin and silk are woven fabrics.
Woven fabrics are often used to make fashionable clothes, such as blouse, dress, jean pants and suits.

Fabric Develop

Want to make your brand more unique? Creating your own fabric now is no longer a different job. Send us your tech pack, and then we will help you to finish the rest.

Tips: Fabric suppliers have MOQ require for custom fabric.

MOQ of completely new custom fabric is around 1 ton. 

MOQ of custom sublimation printing base on stock fabric is 100 meters.

MOQ of custom water base printing fabric is 1000 meters.

Accessory In Our Market

Clothing accessories include button, zipper, drawstring, eyelet, patch, chain, lace and so on. We offer you those small things a full-customized service including customized material, color, logo and design. Adding customized logo or design on garment accessories for a low-cost branding winner!

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