Viscose Fabric – All You Need to Know

When you are entering the business of selling personalized apparel, it is crucial to understand the different fabrics. The success of your clothing business hinges on your understanding of different fabrics. All fabrics differ from

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sew sample clothing

The Difference Between Wholesale And Cut & Sew

When starting a clothing business, you need to find out whether you need to cooperate with wholesale suppliers or cut & sew suppliers. What is wholesale clothing? Wholesale clothing is ready-made products, the common wholesale

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quality check

Step-by-Step Guide on Garment Quality Control

Any garment manufacturing firm’s ROI (return on investment) hinges upon the garment quality control measures adopted to guarantee that the garments produced to meet industry standards. By implementing quality control measures across the production line,

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pre production sample

How to draft pre-production sample order terms

As the fashion industry has become increasingly globalized, the importance of having clear and concise sample order terms has never been greater. When working with suppliers from around the world, it is essential to have

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custom hoodie factory

Shaping Your Future With Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are a timeless fashion staple, and custom hoodies allow wearers to express their individuality. If you’re interested in starting your own custom hoodie line, we have everything you need to get started. Why get

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clothing manufacturing glossary 101

Clothing Manufacturing Glossary 101

In the fashion world, many terms and concepts can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the industry. This glossary is designed to provide a basic understanding of some of the most common terms used in

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