semi durable finishes

What is fabric finishing

Finishing’s significance in the textile industry A finishing process is a series of treatments applied to textile products to improve their appearance, performance, or “hand” (feel). These processes can be performed on natural and synthetic

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clothing designs

What is the principle of design?

No matter what art form you are working in, the basis of any good design comes down to the organization of its elements. This is done according to certain guidelines, which are referred to as

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sample review

How to review your clothing prototype?

Reviewing the sample: 3 principles With your prototype finally in hand, it’s time to start evaluating your sample so you can move forward with creating an amazing end product. When reviewing your prototype, there are

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clothing factory

Top 10 Australia Clothing Manufacturers

Looking for a reputable and reliable clothing manufacturer in Australia? Look no further than the top 10 businesses on this list! These manufacturers have a long history of customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. No

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bold and bright board

Ultimate Guide for a Fashion Mood Board

The process of designing a collection is not an easy task. Designers must consider many different factors and details, such as current trends in fashion or what people will want for their wardrobe next year

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